Steven Hawkins



Old Pics

Me at work on the big Ninja!

Steve and Aki on the Ninja!

Three Amigos on Colorado Blvd.


Cupie in the sky…

Cupie behind Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.

Zac and Leslie...gettin’ freaky.

Steve’s dream bike!

Left Cupie…tick-tock

Right Cupie…tick-tock.

A boy and his toys.

A boy and his NEW toys.  J


Homecoming – 2000

Alumni Cupies: The awesome Mike Baker with Krissi, Steve with Kelli, and Travis with Hye Jin.

The camera man said: “Steve!!  Show me the money!!!”…so I did.  J

Steve and Shermin’s left cupie, just before popping it over to the right.

My mom even stunts with me!  “Cradle Ma!!”

The Fox cameraman and me…thanks for getting me on TV the many times that you did!

My buddy Kristen…

Barefoot stunting at Seattle’s Fat Tuesday

The riot guys were cool!!

Panoramic cupie at Gas Works Park

Panoramic stretch at Gas Works Park

Her 21st birthday, my bike, her cuteness, my fat face.  J

Winter at Greenlake…

Jeremiah holding Kristen in a one-arm arobesque.

Stunt clinic pics...courtesy of Jeremy Suess(aka. Doc)

"Steve, you are clear for lift off!" Gettin' ready to do a backtuck.

Steve's 220lbs. backtuck in action!

Cupies are too easy with Kristen.

Kristen's arobesque.

I don't think Steve and Kristen were ready for this one.

Here's the Doc with Lindsay in extension.

Jeremy's display of homo sapien rotation!

New Years and beyond...

Steve and Krissi...Seattle's first stunt of the new millenium?!?.

Zac, Steve, Ryan, and...uh, Paul on the Beta's roof.

Mary on Steve's shoulder.

Steve and Krissi with her cute New Years hat!.

Stacie and Steve...the black polyester/lycra/nylon duo!

Kristen, Stacie and Steve having fun.

Homecoming...Stanford vs. UW.

Mike Baker's spinning diamond head!.

One arm stretch with Steve and Kelli..

Steve and Jenni after the game.

Arizona State Cheerleaders in Seattle.

Steve with ASU's Maggie, Mark and Stacy on Safeco's mitt.

Maggie, Toni, Stacy, Ryan and Mark(sittin' shotgun) in my 5.9.

Ryan, Stacy, Maggie and Mark on 1st Ave.

Steve/Maggie and Mark/Stacy liberty-ing at Safeco.

Cupies at Safeco.

Steve and Maggie with the one-arm liberty.

Tryouts, Spring Game/Scrimmage, and Windermere Cup! (More to come, soon)....

Beauty and the Beast = Burnout!! (Which is which, though?).

The boys of the B-ball group two! Steve, Zac, Paul and Mateo(my big ass homeboy!).

Steve and his girls Mary, Kelli and Camille.

Bird's eye view of Kelli in extension.

New Orleans!!....

Hail to the Prince! Prince Mateo!!.

Greetings from Bourbon/Canal Street, New Orleans!.

Steve and Kelli on Bourbon street.

UW and Miami(Ohio) cheer squads.

Steve being groped at the mall.

Airport cupie with Steve and Mary...and Lance getting his peep on.

Nationals Competition!!....

Warming up the trophy pyramids!

Nationals: Semi-Finals Liberties = Andrew/Krissi, Steve/Kelli, Travis/Hye Jin, Jeremiah/Camille and Mateo/Mary.

Nationals: Celebrating 4th Place.

Nationals: The Girls = Kelli, Camille, Krissi, Hye Jin, Mary and Lilly.

Nationals: The UW Nationals Squad.

Nationals: Islander Power = Mateo, Mike and Steve

Etc, Etc....

New ZX-12R burnout at the Ram!

Hey Coach, that ball's upside down!.

Me and my mom on the old Ninja.

Toss extensions during a football game.

Extensions with the Eastlake girls: Paul/Stephanie, Steve/Tara, Travis/Courtney.

Can someone tell me what's wrong with this cupie?.

Steve hamming it up with Stanford's girls....and tree.

This is how the Univ. of Washington makes a cake!!

Steve in ironcross with Zac and Paul basing.

Arobesques: Steve/Kelli, Johnny/Krissi, Mateo/Hye Jin, Jeremiah/Mary.

Playing with one arm liberties...Steve/Kelli, Jonothan/Krissi, Mateo/Hye Jin, and Jeremiah/Mary.

The POWER of UW Cheer!!!

One arm liberty with Steve and Kelli.

Leading the Husky Spellout.

TOSStesterone Group! : Steve, Kelli, Andrew, Stacey, Mateo, Hye Jin, Zac, Laressa

UW vs. USU...Basket toss = Jonathan, Steve Jeremiah, Andrew, Krissi.

Two-two-one pyramid at USU game.

Diamondhead with Travis, Hye Jin, Mateo, and Mary.

Seahawks Halftime Show.

Arizona State & UW Cheer.

Montana and UW at camp.

Krissi, Steve and Hye Jin before game time.

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